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Victim in Pain

by Agnostic Front

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People say that I'm insane A victim of society just in pain Society's rules have made me cruel I'm just the opposite, ain't no fool The way I act or way I dress Doesn't make me strong or make me best Soon they'll find my reasons why I'm open minded and not blind But why am I going insane Why am I the one to blame Open your eyes, don't tell me lies I'll be the one to live and rise I'll think for myself and I'm sure to find That society's rules won't change my mind
Remind Them 01:04
They hate us, we'll hate them They deny us, we'll defy them They ignore us, we'll remind them They taught us to hate and lie To obey them and look into their selfish eyes Reject the system and their games The games they play to rise above Laws they make, rules they could shove Ideals to take over our minds Unjustified greed to rule our lives Their desire to overpower and conquer To succeed for their own kind Reject their authority, be aware of their schism We won't adjust to their society Their capitalistic from of prison Remind them they taught us to lie Remind them they've corrupted our lives
So they say they'll set me free If I plead guilty and let it be But I'm not the one who did their crimes So why should I keep taking their jives I'm done playing all their games And being titled low life names When I'm innocent and concerned Of who I am and what I've learned I'm not the one who did their crimes There's no justice, there's just us Blind justice screwed all of us There's no justice, there's just us We need justice for all of us
Last Warning 00:46
When I try to the right You always put me down You're always on my back Why do you hang around? You can't see beyond your nose What's making you so blind The rules you make, those you break This is your last warning It isn't just a threat Choose to disregard it Wind up with regret
A scene all divided with no unity We gotta stick together And fight for what we believe There won't be a second chance We've got to have it soon Got to stick together And fight 'em all now Our friends are more important We gotta stick together Support one another United and strong
Power 01:44
Power Anti-social being Human discharge A fascist regime We're fighting in the streets Trying to be free They say the regime will save us all It's anti-social and gonna fall
Hiding your feelings and yourself inside Because you're afraid to express them And lose your pride But why try to be someone you're just not Why keep hiding, letting the real you rot Yes, you're afraid to get caught off guard Because you don't know how they'll think (Is he 'soft' or 'hard') But does it really matter, does it really bother you? To try to be someone else, a fool leading Yourself on to (a life that's not for you) Can't you act and be yourself Not another character in a hardcore handbook Well, we don't need anymore great american heroes But real people being themselves, not weirdos
Why should you go around bashing one another If they look or think different, why let it bother Everyones got their own style, their own thoughts Don't let it bother you, don't let it get caught Your fascist attitudes - we need the least With a scene that's fighting for unity & peace Don't need more anger; no more danger Stop now before it's too late Learning how to respect each other is a must So why start a war of anger and danger among us It's time to grow out of your nazi hypocrism When you really don't want part of a fucked up system
Spending your life dreaming of rich fantasies Come back from your dreams and face reality You think you've got everything, but really have nothing It's just too much pressure and your mind is busting Watch out don't make a mistake You'll lose your money, it's poverty's stake Society sucker - you've earned your name Society sucker - it's just your game
Your Mistake 01:34
We're here to be and the ones to succeed No need for you to tell us how to be Can't seem to find your reasons why You tell us lies and think you're wise Why can't you think before you sink Why can't you see, then come to me Tell us lies and ask us why We hate society And we're here to fight I won't shake their hands 'Cause they're not our friends Won't talk to you 'cause you can't be true You've got problems, yet you keep hiding them You entered their gate but now it's too late It's your mistake
With Time 02:15
What have I done, why am I hated Everything has just begun to be updated Have I been aware of my friends Or just unfair of myself and of my pride Should I change for my best Or should I live my life in a mess I'm the one who's lost inside But you're the one I can't find Feel confused and lonely at this moment But maybe with some time, everything will Pile off my mind


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AGNOSTIC FRONT's first two recordings. 1983's "United Blood" EP and their debut album, 1984s' "Victim In Pain". A comprehensive collection of AF's early contribution to the New York Hardcore scene, laying the foundation for bands through to this day. The 25th anniversary re-issue with 21 songs in all!


released November 17, 2009


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with close to 300 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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