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When the Smoke Clears

by Foundation

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Purple Heart 02:47
Who threw up the white flag when the bodies grew too great? Felt the harsh Grip of failure and sent it sailing high. What happened to the code of honor we used to entrust? Ideas once carved in Stone have now turned to dust. Where is the oath we swore our allegiance to? Convictions cheapened by all The noise these boys make while dressed like men. When's the pure disgust gonna rear it's ugly head? Stirred by anyone, Everything, tries to crumble what we've built. Why have I been so blind to the traitors of my faith? What has come to Pass, now seems so obvious. How can I not grit my teeth, or place my tongue In my cheek, when I say: When I say: No more room here for the bastard thieves who steal hearts and Disappear. No room for those who come apart at the bayonet's gleam. So Please show me someone who won't retreat, someone who's gonna stay frosty When the guns and cannons begin to erupt; someone, as they are painted with Blood and guts. Show me. Show me someone who will march forward when the smoke clears.
How long will it be before we're ready to set fire to this bridge? A guest now in the home where I once lived, I'm on the outside looking in. Ask me to leave and I'll fucking go. Just say the word. Like the tide dragged by the moon, I'm at your mercy. How much longer can I bite my tongue before I sever it? Held out your hand when I needed it most, and I haven't stopped paying for It. Ask me to leave and I'll fucking go. Just say the word. Like the tide dragged by the moon, I'm at your mercy. Ask me to leave and I'll go. The hefty price of your hospitality, I can no longer afford. I don't want to argue any more. I'm tired of the words you wield like knives, Hoping to stab somewhere close to my heart. At your mercy. Don't wanna be anymore. Ask me to leave. I'll fucking go. Just say the word.
Devotion II 03:35
Hanging on by a thread, I pull myself back up. Cause I'll be god damned if this is the rope from which I hang myself. In desperate times we live by desperate means. We put our love and faith and sanity into anyone, even the unseen. As long as it will make us feel good, whole and complete. We'll put our trust into anything, if it takes away this uncertainty. The problems go unfixed. The anger goes unchecked. The emptiness goes unfed. The devotion remains to what will undo us. In desperate times we live by desperate means. Though I can't blame you for doing the same. So here's your choice: the truth or the end of a rope. I've never seen someone so scared of death pick a point, lay down and die. The problems go unfixed. The anger goes unchecked. The emptiness goes unfed. All this devotion remains to what will undo us. "Remember what I said about seeing a light when you're dying?" "Yeah" "That Ain't true. I can't see a damn thing." Get your rope. Devotion.
Fucked hope, what can I do? I'm trying so hard to get to you. But you refuse to hear a single word of truth. But every lie they swore as true falls like music to your ears. How can we live our lives so unaware? How can we love if we are so fucking scared? And my only regret is I once played the same dreadful tune. You sing the same songs your parents sang about their unflinching devotion To everything. Everything sick and wrong with yesterday and today. They broke you down and stole everything, and you openly embraced that this Life was not your very own. False hope is all they'll give to you. Best years is what they'll take from you. You were robbed, how long will it be before you see? All the skinned knees you should have felt, A thousand ways to break free, but you won't. So keep carrying your father's cross and living your mother's dreams, Never getting to express a voice you can make. You were never there, never there for yourself. Never there for yourself. And now I don't know who's to blame.
Life served me a verdict with an open hand. Full force across my face, then Walked away. Please don't leave me in this dark place, cause I don't know how much Longer I can fight back these tears or keep from driving my fists through The walls I swear are closing in. Sentenced myself with the selfish things I say, promises I break, and the Way I refuse to let anyone in. Please let me make my amends. I'll do Anything. Anything. Just don't leave me in this dark place. Begging, pleading, down on my knees, asking for redemption. So dig in your nails as I push you away. Let me make my amends for always keeping you at arms length. Let me apologize for every wrong I have yet to right. You are the blood in my veins, my strength, so please don't leave me in This dark place. Please give me just one more chance. Just one more chance. Please don't leave me.
Calloused 02:50
Calloused, my armor's not what it used to be. Scratched and dented, the outside resembles what's within. I spend so much time staring back at myself. If the boy I was saw the man I've become, he'd spit right in his face. The scales have tipped against me one more time, but the panic comes in a hush and a sigh, not a scream or cry. The scales have tipped against me for the final time. I've wasted so much time waiting for a tragedy, or a miracle to reveal itself that the world has passed me by. Convinced myself I'm sick for so long now that I'm not so sure I can stop believing it. Gotta lift my head from these calloused hands that serve to remind me of my regrets. Gotta lift my head from these calloused hands so I can see the good in what's going on. Don't wanna waste anymore ink on this page, or strokes of the keys. Not one more hammer to spell out this quiet rage. No, my armor's not what it used to be. But what in life still is? Calloused.
I pray that hand of yours gets cut right from your wrist, As you cast out your arm and turn down your thumb. It's so easy to pass out judgement when you take no fucking risks. Don't need the approval of someone who spits poison every time they speak. Venom rolls off your tongue, and between your teeth. But your words don't mean a thing. (They've never meant a thing to me) Cause you have never loved anything more than yourself. And there is nothing, I said nothing, nothing, So righteous, noble and good that your ego could not devour in a fucking Heartbeat. Hear the sound of your chest thump. I pray that hand of yours get hacked right off your wrist. Sliced through like a god damn hammer, hope the pain drops you to your Fucking knees cause if you can't stand then you can't stomp on these Dreams. I've seen your kind. You're all the same. So you can't stomp on these fucking dreams.
Don't ask me why. The reasons couldn't be any more apparent from the Children born into addictions from the conscience their mothers lacked. Kidnapped from their minds by a substance made to corrupt and destroy, Leaving any will they once had splintered shards on the floor. And I'm the one who's crazy? Something here has got to give. I'm the one who's crazy? When will this insanity end? How many more reasons do you need as a person makes violence their only Means, Gunning down for the money to silence the hunger in their veins. And I'm the one who's crazy? Something here has to give. I'm the one who's crazy? When will this insanity end? It's all too clear as another person sells themselves to feed the monster That keeps them on their knees. And you think I'm the one who's crazy? Don't ask me why. Just take a long fucking look around. See the sickness born from this, their human qualities have now been Stripped, and your future thrown away. And your future thrown away. Threw it all away. I'd rather be crazy if this is what you call sane.
"As soon as the rain stops, I'm gonna make an example of you." Just shut the door when you choose to leave. I don't wanna feel any colder than I already do. And no amount of wind is gonna move this rock. If you were looking for me to let you in, that's a thought you can forget. I don't care what they say, the sun will shine another day. I've weathered too much to walk away. I know it's not the worst thing to happen in my life. My fears are starting to pour down on me. Now I don't know what to believe. Feels like I'm losing my mind, like I'm losing everything. Like my body is a prison I can't escape. This is the sadness only loneliness can bestow. Pick up the pieces of your broken soul. Weld them to your bones. Weld them to your fucking bones. Anger floods the streets. I stand knee deep. I can't remember the last time I felt the sun fresh against my face. Keep moving on. I will not drown. I'm not about to walk away, but let me ask you: How long will you wait? copyright
Despite all the spiteful things I say, I still need this like the air I Breathe. Still need this to prop up these tired bones, cause my youth is leaving. Never to be seen again, stripped from me by time and pressure. So I bang the drum in a sound of declaration of war against the world that Is dark and calculated, like a killer in the shadows. Remove me from this calculation. This is a war so many will never know. Opposition to the world that is stark raving mad and cold. I'm scared this anger won't last much longer. Despite all the bullshit I say, I still need this to breathe life into me. Stoke the ashes, spark the flame, feed the fire, burn down the lies. Burn through this rhetoric, burn it all down. Face the world like a roaring blaze, before all the tears begin to turn Silent. Burn down everything that stands in our way. Bang the drum.


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FOUNDATION's Bridge Nine debut full length album, "When The Smoke Clears".


released May 3, 2011


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with close to 300 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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