Which Way the Wind Blows

by Octaves

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Baltimore, MD's Octaves have laid fairly dormant since releasing their debut, 'Greener Pastures', almost exactly three years ago in April 2010. But they've used the time wisely, solidifying a lineup and honing their sound to create their first proper full-length, 'Which Way the Wind Blows'. A series of chaotic left turns and disjointed, spastic rhythms, Octaves craft intricate post-hardcore intercut with strained, barked turns of phrase and corrosive, atmospheric guitar layering.


released April 16, 2013



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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Premature Congratulations
I'd be better off on broadway, baby
You know, the way I always sell myself out
The way the words just creep up past
my clavicle
And tiptoe out my mouth
Passed teeth too bashful to bite my
A young, fruitful phrase
I've found, with age, not sound, but sour
It's got my head in the clouds
My loudest body language barely makes
a sound
And now I'm standing next to your fire,
But I can't put it out
Allow me an inch
Give me an inch

Allow me an inch
And I'll take thirty-six
I'll make a mountainous molehill of it
and yeah, maybe at my age
I shouldn't stay away so late
But I'll be damned
If I settle down early
or get down on bended knee

Unless I'm just lacing up my sneaks
To take a long walk off my short comings
Til, like my hair, my insecurities recede
So I might satisfy your needs

When it comes to copulation
I may seek resuscitation
or finish one foot out the gate
Depending on the situation
it gets worse with conversation
When passion by the wayside falls
It calls for overcompensation
I'm no good with confrontation
I wish we still found sublimation
In the sweaty hands and happy glands
of mutual masturbation
But as it is, I lay untouched
by love or consolation
I think we make acute equation
So that the sum have no remainder
I asked you divide me just a fraction
of your patience
Track Name: For Goodness Sake
Dear tenant of the apartment above,

I do alright without your love,
I'm unaware if you even stay here.
I have yet to hear your voice,
but your fucking friends!
They always do what they can
to make their fair share of noise.
Punch-drunk off blood-red wine
and a sense of self satisfaction
less than divine.
Consideration is kind, but
as you should know
I've made it this far just fine.

The absence of god will
make room for all that I've got.
Thanks a lot but the kind of
care I need can't be bought.
I will not sing your praises on my knees
I could never be that weak.
Do you think I forgot all that I have done for me?
I am he who has kept me on my feet.
So you can have your holy cow.
It wouldn't take a faithful firing squad
to shoot me holier that thou,
(Thou) shalt not watch me pray another
day in vain.

Even if those days, still, the questions did remain
Like why when I'm looking out my window,
all I see is pane.
Elect to pay off your debts in the form of
collections to avoid feeling unwhole?
I lament to present you that you're merely
filling a void with a (hole).
Hold the phone!
Know, with jehovah as a co-pilot, you fly alone
Go! Get irreverently stoned.
Rocks at the throne.
Track Name: Golf Tips
Blessed with my mother's swing
But cursed with my father's follow
May come across a few under par
But I could be an albatross to bear for you
face the facts
When it comes to stats
There's a lot I lack (luster)
But despite all that
I remain a catch
Count the countless times I've been
tossed back
Just when it seems the streams are
abundantly meek
There are plenty of fish up shit creek
Etiquette and stately manner

I picked up from my man Danny Tanner
But in a full house take it step by step
when discussing family matters
A family in tatters
a family that matters
a family
But I digress
Unconditional love under only one
When it's time for playing doctor I'm all
time anesthitcian
If you try to sneak the driver's seat I'll put
up my partition
Just get me where I'm going
Keep me flowing through my nocturnal

I fall asleep with my foot in my mouth
and wake up to callous words
But I'm pretty sure that what I'm about is
pretty close to what you've heard
What have you heard?
Maybe I should clean up my act
but my act is just that
Between takes I just wait
for the marker to clap
Trade the itch you can't scratch
for the kind you can catch
Trade the itch you can't scratch
for one of a kind
Track Name: Poppycock!
Pay no attention to the man behind
the curtain
I'll make no mention of the injuries
incurred and maybe
maybe we could sort this out
Without my whispering over your shouts
I'm quite confident that neither one will
have to say a word

And so it's comes to this
One last one-sided kiss
Obtuse is the angle of bliss
again I've outrun my luck
I've always knew that you'd give up
When my clumsiness quit being quaint

So they planted a seed of doubt
Now I'm heartily harvesting lies
A sea of foaming mouths
waiting to feast from the garden
between your thighs
and you infuse the town with fumes
of cinnamon and lilac
and i'm left with the lingering taste
of sin and what your lies lack

You never fail to offend the senses
or is it just a product of me being
These shoddy eyes would fail to see
the incentive

But we both know
I'm never looking through
carnation-colored lenses

I have no excuses for conclusions I get to
Nor for how I've come to let them let
me resent you
But then we ended up in a rut cause my
gut whispered instincts in my ear
Now that bohemian bouquet
Won't seem to let me forget you
Track Name: Tax Break
Don't get me wrong
I encourage all of you to have a good time
but if you insist on having a ball
consider safety! (a)
Necessity she says to me
has mothered all invention
so why with all we're lacking are there far
too few to mention?
A downward spike in the work ethic
Despite their parents' best intentions
good faith only goes so far
When what you lack is good affection
what would once land any dance within
an instant in detention
is now deplorably defended

If the child's showing signs of a disorder
a defficiency in attention

Your attention please!
I'd like to point out
nearly pornographic imagery
plastered on the walls
In your town's local department store
Just two aisles from the kitchenry

Red flags are flying all around the castle
either the guards are colorblind
or their troubles are far too large
to tackle
Yet they wonder why their kids get stoned

And eat each other out
of house and home
when they full-well know
that the home is where the heart is
but pay no mind to proverbs, kids
a brief course in bio shows
that heart is where the tit is
and through inventory will reveal
that home
is only
where your shit is
Track Name: It Figures
Two wolves in wolves clothing
we prowl crude and crowded streets
light hearted heavy heads hoping
for something in which to sink our teeth
Proud place high up on the chain
We should be up to our elbows in prey
but on our knees we plea for our lives
as we realize
that we're outnumbered by sheep
when we should really be sleeping
but who could catch a wink
when the kicks come so cheap
so in attempt at disguise
we pull synthetic wool over our eyes
and emerge newly blind
greeted by unwanted guides
Two shepherds less than wise
beneath a now neon sky
they herd us back through the flock

To the center
of the sound
where we're certain
that no one can hear us talk
so we never stopped
reprieved from our guides

We retreat to the wilds
to rap a bit more about life for a while
shaking down strangers for change
in pursuit
of a name
a woman you can pay
to gain the mind of a child

Curled close
on rotating shelves
we rose as fire fell
thanks to our friend the hollow shell
unaware his life is hell

cue up the tune for which the moment
then pause
(Paws) we respectfully kept to ourselves
through insurmountable tension
didn't help
from your belt
you count out cute explosives for currency
I can't recall
feeling better than currently
like a Tennessee cross
we burnt our best fuels clean off
next hunt can't come soon enough
Maybe we'll shake this dumb luck
Track Name: Soup and Sandwich
The ball and chain industry is always
in demand
Before we get too into my you have to
If I ask for your hand
and you've shown all your cards
it's a cannibalistic command
I hadn't planned on becoming a man
I mean I'm turning twenty six the week
the world's
supposed to end
I'll gamble on my friends
and when your flush turns to fold
the ships are down
we'll see
who has more loving hearts to lend
some can function blankly in the sanctity
of marriage
as for me?

I prefer to be the horse without the
It's not that I don't care
I swear
I'll fake a grin that i can bare
I'll just fake it
I don't care
It takes a level of trust
that I just can't seem to muster
But even at my sharpest
I don't think that i could cut through all
that mustard
so catch me up
I'll relish every word
Mayon-isn't it a shame that I lettuce end
up in such a pickle?
What's the point?
What's the point in production of those
precious metal rings

Only to come around full circle
leave a poor and queenless king
other than that
Love's a science exact
as pulling names from a hat
yes it's such an ethereal thing
what's the point?!
In making this point of public record
all I want is someone warm who wants to
listen to my records
the mention of convention often tends to
make me nervous
financially yours
'Til divorce do us part
Or 'til death do me service
Track Name: Mister
Not cat-like cowardice
but maybe a hair of lion's pride
the skill king kissed princes goodbye
and went back to his pack to reside
to wait out the last dark days
of that final feline nine
While the eldest was lightyears away
losing himself in his own mind
(Knowing it's only a matter of time)
Stuck in the struggle between
Keeping the younger from lagging behind
and shouldering the weight of a world
less than kind
All while maintaining an outlook, refined
I defy you to find
a more noble blood line
a less malleable mind

Christ, you've had a hell of a time
still couldn't stand to see you cry
I beg the bot fly to come suck both
duets dry

You're a dear friend of mind
wish i'd better known your old man
before he died

But when I see that spark shoot from the
back of your eye
(I) know he's there all the time
as sure as the sparrow flies
Heaven aside
He's for sure shining down
perched somewhere in the light
the light

The fight
the sleepless nights
last rights
despite the fact he fought with all
his might

And so at a glance
you're plagued by happenstance
left a soldier for the queen
those working class uncles and ants
true blue collar uncles and aunts
But you've never been one to romance
You just say "fuck it!
We all get dealt a dirty hand
I'm just a man derived from the
fuckin' man
and I'm doing the best that I can"
Track Name: Like Seriously, How Many Time
So is this straight?
Through crooked laced
what i mean to say;
Is this a safe trail to blaze?
Now in a haze
is how i greet my days
and make the rain rain go away
not obliged to take that royal ride
much less another night
to live life feels nice
unlike merely staying alive
that's why at any given time

I like to let my freak flag fly.
The little tickle in back of your throat
tells tails of taking the antidote
but it's when I ingest I'm at my best
Seems the only sure fire defense
against stress
I mean I'm constantly risking arrest
this type of shit would have even James dean under duress

First of all
I technically have two full time jobs
the first is for the dogs
Oh, by the way
I can't hang out long
because the other has me constantly
on call
At hazard is my heart
like looking in my mirror and seeing
a police car
when I hardly have farther to go
My future's up in smoke
But I'm hoping my high will trump
my lows
Track Name: Ms.
Ms. Anthrope crossed paths with Mr. Ection
in the pedx parking lot off the rt. I intersection
In the midst of all of this
your well placed words birthed Ms.
In a hit too best the Mrs.
thoughts they're far too few to mention
a tall drink of water of a man
(right?) can
(Can) you stand
to lend clenched fists to open hands

Cancelled out the plans you made in
labored see you laters
knowing all along it's doing no one
any favors

They carried the same fate
as when you'd wait up late
to heart that TV in the other room
but now without the blueish glow
still and only
shadows loom

Carry 'em off in a tune
turn on the lights in that room
and you'll see that bed's been dressed
Someone was bound to the made to
lay in it
the world is full of proof that karma
doesn't count for shit
so take time to take it one day at a time
or just say to hell with it

Those first days that permitted
White skirts tightly fitted
brought back labels
unshakeable clouds
the only way to escape?
Let it pour down your face
down your gullet, or from under your brow
In dimly lit places
made for victors of races
these shallow glasses bring out deep
But that's just what we do!
So shake the clouds
Let's grab a round
There's an ale for what cures you.