While a Nation Sleeps​.​.​.

by BoySetsFire

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BoySetsFire's 'While a Nation Sleeps...' is the band's first full-length in more than seven years. After a three-year hiatus that saw the post-hardcore veterans lend their time to projects like the Casting Out and Young Lady, the band reconvened in 2010 and soon set to work on some of their truly heaviest, most aggressive and scathing material to date—as well as some of their most melodic. With their signature mix of political and personal themes set to a surprisingly dynamic musical backdrop, long-time fans and even newcomers should find something to enjoy here.


released June 11, 2013


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Until Nothing Remains
Rise ye wolves up above the sound
Through the choir of sheep as they drown
Raise the banner of the proud and untamed
Burn the kingdom down... until nothing remains

Death throe dances pull in quite the crowd
Cheering throngs of the scorned still unbowed
The system’s dead and we spit on the grave
Let it fucking rot... until nothing remains

You hide in a sickness that leaves you unbowed
Scorched earth policy friendships allow
For your dreams and their failings to mount
An assault on continuous lies

Let them fall from your lips to the ground
And consume you in flames with your crown
You can add up your ill-gotten gains
And keep count till nothing remains

When ashes remain
Burn... ’til the truth is out
Burn... down to hallowed ground
Burn... and rebuild again
Burn. Burn. Until nothing remains
Track Name: Closure
This is where the lines are drawn and
gradually we pull back
To a place that neither knows
Where the anger leaves us breathless,
completely bored and restless
With a silence that explodes

Let it go ’cause it’s over now
Let it die before it eats you up inside
Want you to know if we ever make it out of here alive
I’ll walk away and you can live the lie

Pass and store the isolation we crash,
burn, and placate
All the wounds they hold us down
Fading harsh into the same song
What point is there to hold on
‘Cause its over now
It's not a crime of passion... more that of subtle lines
Creating lifeless plastic
Out of garbage redefined
Track Name: Heads Will Roll
Your kingdom’s rotting from the inside out
Your god must be so proud
The infidel must accept submission
Blood lust with divine aggression
The dead air is deafening
Easy targets to avoid the real enemy
Provocation gagged and bound
Bodies drop we ignore the sound

We stare in silence... create apologies
Afraid to speak the truth
While heads roll in apathy
Over and over again

I refuse to ever hold my tongue
Kneel and bow wont be silenced by the fear of death
Until there’s nothing left
To live for to die fighting
The will of a new dawn rising
No more, no less
Bring it on, I stand defiant

Your symbols all are stolen, your words are nothing new
Bleed with pride for your masters, you weak pathetic fool
Fuck your prophets, fuck your holy war, fuck your laws
Fuck what you kill for
Track Name: Phone Call (4 a.m.)
You haunt my desires, my eyes deny the pain
I wait for your voice and almost feel ashamed
My officer despair in tribute to old rhymes
Of unanswered love, lost pride,
and wasted time

Love, hate, and panic
My words fall dead at your feet
Where my hope fears not to tread
I still believe that in time your heart will see

From static to calm, reaction to resolve
Your voice so cold as I quickly lose control

Wherever you go, remember me
And my struggle to kill this dependency
With battle lines drawn
Between pride and slow decay
My mind beckons on to kill the pain
But my heart still bleeds your name
Track Name: Everything Went Black
We are the beast, the dragon, the whore
The filth of creation, from lust we are born
Prideful messiahs and prophets of rage
Mystery written for a nation betrayed

Blood from the throne
As above, so below

Light of knowledge, cast out unafraid
Unbowed risen glory, ineffable plague
Wings open wide to black out the sun
The four horsemen ride to end what’s begun

Everything went black

From the depths, from the heavens
Give to the rising of the age of blood
Rend the door disciples of war
Blasphemy crawls from divine killing floors
Stars casted down... black earth expels
Lies and deceit from past aeons dispelled
We are the damned
The promised land is fucking cursed
Prepare the dawn we resist
We belong to the abyss
Track Name: Save Yourself
So this is what you want
Choices are made and given up
I just can’t comprehend the need to sit when you can stand
The game is rigged, the money spent

Shut your mouth look around
This motherfucker is burning down
And nothing’s gonna save us now
Get out... and save yourself

There’s only so much I can say
Tried so hard to help you find your way
But every step a wasted breath of false hope and promises
There’s nothing to save, there’s nothing left

Nothing’s left of you today
Save yourself or die away
So this is what you want
Your choice was made, you’ve given up
I’ll never comprehend the need to sit when you can stand
There’s nothing left, the moneys spent
Track Name: Reason to Believe
In this moment I’ve found my way
In your embrace all sorrow starts to fade
Distant echoes well rehearsed
Here is solace and rebirth
You are all I know of heaven
and all I need from this earth

You make me wanna believe in you
Words fall short after all that we’ve been through
Oh I’ve heard it all before... please remember
You make me wanna believe in you

No longer haunted by the ghosts I leave behind
Replaced by the grace in your eyes
For a truth no longer felt or a shadow of myself
You have delivered me from fire and guided me through hell

In your arms I am absolved
From the fear, the anger, the scars

You make me wanna believe, you make me wanna believe
Believe in something I’ve never known
Beyond the darkness in me
You make me wanna believe, you make me wanna believe
Track Name: Far from Over
Lambs to the slaughter we live our own lies
Disseminate weakness to further survive
Crave to be free, system of filth, put up a fight,
fall further still
Claws dig in deeper, the struggle ensues,
an addict, despair drives the...
Instinct to kill

It’s the same lie... one last time, but this is far from over

Self important inadequate life
Weak blind inheritance marching in line
Reckoning comes now to feed on the dead
(Awaken!) To start over again
Crave to be free, system of filth, put up a fight,
fall further still
Claws dig in deeper, the struggle ensues,
an addict, despair drives the...
Instinct to kill

Yeah I’m still fucking angry, you’re still predictable
Nothings changed but the titles
The game stays untenable
You can only take it so long
Destruction eminent failure so strong
Neuroses to feed dark deeds to fulfill
Fuck apologies we eat what we kill
Track Name: Let It Bleed
Just shut up everybody knows its not
making sense or dollars anyway
That’s when we find who still believes
These dreams are my devotion, hunger and desperation
Sometimes you’ve gotta crawl and if I must I’ll crawl alone

We’ve come this far - let it bleed
I’ve been a fool, I’ve been a king
It’s all the same when you can finally say
I did it my way I believe

Through blood, sweat and tears I have come
Born from this pain, hate and love
This driving force that keeps me alive
Will follow me the rest of my life
Track Name: Never Said
This is where I will stand
And here is where I will stay until my last breath
Until my dying day
’Cause we have nothing to lose, no reason to hide
No hope for tomorrow if not for tonight
Hold your ground and fight
Let this moment never fade away

Honestly you’ll have to bring your tanks in and invade
’Cause we’re not moving from this place
I believe our lives are still worth fighting for
We are free as long as we demand to be

There is no cost too great, there is no price too high
For the future I stand, I sacrifice
‘Cause we have nothing to lose no reason to hide
No hope for tomorrow if not for tonight
Hold your ground and fight
Let this moment never fade away
Banging my head against the wall
Another leader chosen
To teach us how to crawl
Appoint a new regime with all the old rapport
Full of empty promise not worth dying for
Track Name: Wolves of Babylon
Bring forth the martyrs of iniquity
The chalice held aloft, blood runs to the sea
Dark tide of redemption, fallen and free
Born wild of entropy to feed on the weak

Wolves of Babylon...
March on bastard sons...
Chaos carries on...
For the wolves of Babylon

Teeth sharp lash out, pure will and defiance
Revolt, in the age of iron
The key of joy, disobey your masters
This world is burning down, to the sound of laughter

Tear the fucking statues down, to decay and suffering
Revive from the ashes of death, to become a threat again
To every lie disguised, in white light fallacy
Behind the pallid flaccid symbol that you betray
Track Name: Altar of God
No path unto knowledge living a lie
No virtuous life in the pride of the blind
History wrought with disease for so long, a nation sleeps tight
The poison carries on with the lepers, the sinners,
the weak, and the strong
Act like you’re shocked but you’re still fucking wrong
At the mouth of your tomb I stand and defy
Every coward invoking their faith to justify your lies
Enshrined in submission
Enslave yourself to the divine disguised as salvation
that you bought with your sacrifice
Deception justified for your holy design
High on your platform spewing out your crimes
from the altar of god

There are wars to be waged and obsessions to fill
The masses will follow if it be god’s will
Shame into mandate and faith into abuse
Crucify, terrorize, indoctrinate the youth
Blind submission or treason there’s no other way
Why teach them how to kill you just teach them how to hate
Control taught as love, directive from above
Strike like an eagle and sacrifice the dove

On the altar of god
Track Name: Prey
Rolled your eyes and somehow waxed poetic
About the stations of the cross
This is my blood and suffer little children
To be victims of your vice at any cost

Quiet now the news is always moving fast
And they’re sure to live it down
While behind closed eyes the sheep are screaming so damn loud
But everybody’s bored with the sound

As they prey on the meek who just pray to be free
As they prey on the meek who pray to be free, but never will be

Hollow lives shed burning tears from misread eyes
Passed down though out all these bitter years
Of silence that screams from tiny souls
That grow up into broken hearts afraid of letting go