With Regret

by Expire

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Expire return with their third full-length, 'With Regret'. A little heavier and just as fierce as ever, the Midwest Blood champions cruise across sub-two-minute juggernauts purging their feelings on damaged relationships and introspective exorcisms. 'With Regret' is the first Expire album recorded outside of their mainstay studio, Howl Street, having traveled up to Chicago's Bricktop Studios with Andy Nelson. The new environment takes them out of their comfort zone and results in subtle new twists to the band's sound, which bounces with a caustic, fraught anxiety, more memorable riffs, and focused vocals that retain all their previous bile and despair.


released September 23, 2016


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Fighting The Slip
Fighting the slip, I can't do it anymore / Your push and pull won't bring me down like it did before / A toxic waste of my time slowly killing me / It was all just a blur but I can finally see

I've given you enough of me
Gotta stay out of reach

Fighting the slip, can't keep falling into you / Won't get caught up in the tired shit you put me through / Quicksand suffocating me / Knowing that I am far more deserving
Track Name: Divide And Conquer
In a world divided better pick a side / Don't get caught up in fire behind enemy lines / You'd be hard pressed to find any moment in time for a fence walking motherfucker / Take away the middle and you're forced to choose / It's all black and white, it's all red and blue / Somewhere out there yea that's you / Try to break away from the fucking pack

Hive mind begging to be classified / I don't, I don't want to roll with the tide / I beg to differ, I don't really give a damn / I won't let someone else tell me who or what I am

It's divide and conquer / It's a civil war / Watch us kill ourselves / And we don't know what for
Track Name: Hidden Love
Here I am killing myself again / Digging the same grave even deeper / Never content playing the same game killing the same love, I don't need it

I never learn despite how many times / Keep my love buried inside / Dig the knife deeper, drown out the cries / Keep my love hidden buried inside

Heart of stone veins turning ice cold / I've gone numb to both right and wrong / Looking for an answer infinite questions / In front of my face all along

Take my hand and put flesh on my bones / Beat my heart out of my chest, just don't let me be alone / Girl you know where I've been and you know what I've done / Don't turn my past into my setting sun
Track Name: Regret
There are words I wish I never said / Holding my breath live with regret / I let my guard down, I fell asleep / With fingers crossed I got kicked in the teeth / I spoke too soon, I lost my head / I pushed myself, fell to my death / Not the outcome I expected to see / It meant less to you and more to me
Track Name: Medicine
Medicine man gonna make me feel better / Medicine man gonna change my mind / Medicine man got the pad and pen / The signature to make me smile again / Medicine man gonna pick me back up / Medicine man gonna make my day / Medicine man got the magic pill / When nothing else will make me not feel this way

Something wrong with my circuits / Something wrong with my schematics / Gotta get inside my head / Gotta rearrange my attic / I don't know where else to turn / But I been watching TV / Heard about a little somethin' might just make me happy

Fix me up

I know you got it
So give me something
Track Name: Vultures
Vultures circling over my head / Looking for a bone to pick / Throw around your accusations just to see what sticks

Put me under your lens and magnify my faults / Twist and bend all my words to incriminate my thoughts

Hope you find your witch / Hope you scratch that itch / Hope it makes you feel better than me / You insecure son of a bitch

Step down off your soapbox
Hit the road, kick rocks
Track Name: Live Or Die
I felt the fire and I felt the ice / Felt the coldest of shoulders, the burn in my eyes / I felt the sting and the sorrow it brings / I felt defeat felt sick and tired of everything

I'm being pulled apart / I'm being stretched too thin / Got one foot out the door / The other one still fucking in

I saw life and I saw death / Saw a smile on your face when there was nothing left / Sometimes I swear I see a glimmer of hope / I cry out for an answer and life says No

Spent my whole damn life looking towards the sky / I keep asking a god if I should live or die
Track Name: Fair Weather Friend
The lines between you and me / The points from A to B / Just don't connect like they did before / People change, cities grow further away / Get replaced, cut and paste, who needs you anymore

Fair weather friend / It's good to see you again / Forgot your face / Don't know how long it's been / Come and go like the wind / Whatever reason you found / I guess I'll see you around

I hear that time is a thief taking people from me / I miss them more than I ever have / Things change, the clock keeps ticking away / Another place another place further back in the past
Track Name: Turned To Dust
United by fear, divided by faith / Fighting fire with fire, fighting hate with hate / Hell's finally kicked open the gate / And there's no time left to save face / Hope floats and I'm drowning in hypocrisy / A sea of shit, world of war that's surrounding me / Kill the messenger who burst your bubble / And we're all in fucking trouble

No escaping, we already lit the fuse / Acting like there's nothing left to lose / Where there's smoke there's fire, and fire ashes / We'll all be turned into dust / And on barren land our worthless possessions will all be left here to rust
Track Name: Ghost
Apparition in and out of view / Just a ghost, no concern to you / Through the cracks I, I come and go / Disappear and you never know

Pay me no mind / Pay me no mind / Don't ask about me, I'm doing fine / Pay me no mind / Pay me no mind / Don't look my way, avert your eyes

Wipe the slate clean / Try to forget / Bury the hatchet / Put it to rest / Gouge out every last memory / I'll be invisible / Just let me be

I'll be a ghost
That you didn't know
Track Name: The Harsh Truth
Is it enough to say I wanted it / Just how long until my heart catches up with my body / If the day don't come and I destroy myself will it all have been for nothing

I watched the road split in two / What am I to do? / I put myself on trial / Against the harsh truth

Stress lifted turning into stress shifted / Could the distance have made me distant / Measuring loss in in miles crossed / Is there something that I'm missing

Held hostage by my youth / What am I supposed to do? / Don't make any sudden moves / And nobody gets hurt
Track Name: Beyond My Reach
Try and I try to get myself out of the dirt / Scratch and I claw but nothing seems to work / Scanning the distance looking for the light / Nothing up ahead, no end in sight

Everything seems to be beyond my reach / Everything that I need is just beyond my reach

So close but yet so far / Does it all have to be so fucking hard? / Holding on by my finger tips / Afraid I'll start to lose my grip

Everything I seem to need gets further away from me / Moving backwards fall behind / Everything beyond my reach
Track Name: Fear In Control
Cool under pressure I am not / The fear engulfs me like electric shock / I feel it building up, up inside of me and to it I am weak

I feel the burden in my chest / I feel the chill of the cold sweat / Taking me by my trembling hand / And leading me into distress

Fear in control / Lord have mercy on my body and soul / I've fallen into the deepest of holes and there's no way out

Out of my mind / I can't escape / The fear engulfs me like a warm embrace / Like an old friend here to comfort me / And to it I am weak

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