Year of the Snake

by Silver Snakes

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'Year of the Snake' is Silver Snakes' first full-length in nearly three years, following 2011's 'Pictures of a Floating World' (as well as 2012's 'Old Light' single and last year's 'split EP with Souvenirs' and 'Sundance teaser'). Their sophomore effort builds on the promise of those releases, delivering a heavy, uncompromising, metallic post-hardcore/alternative hybrid experimentally touching upon both ends of the rock spectrum, from sludgy forays to acoustic detours and a snarling melodic sensibility spread throughout.


released March 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Four Crows
Say your goodbyes
you've got a long lead on a town
sulkin' you put a right on the trigger
say it again you've got an old time feelin' down
it's fire without a warning
and by the look of winter eyes...

I panic
see you in the shallow
I held back
leave me for the lights
long live
the blurry outcome
don't make 'em stop
It's who we are
Track Name: Smokestack
Submit to the clouds and
the light the curse
dead rivers surrounding
could be worse
arrow through the house
spitfire to cradle
a wound that stops healing
seek out your fear and live
the darker the prowess
cross the keys

merci a la fee verte
I don't need
the mark or the charm
the comfort in numbers
the day it lost meaning

seek out your fear and live

light across a sugar coal
there's no need to water it down
light from a little known
cave you see it's all hollow ground

Breathe are you sinking?
Can you breathe?
Are you sinking aloud?
Track Name: All Your Eye
A curly wolf axe tonight
I was on my way to see
the runaway trains the wrong times
you can't help if you can't leave
hold on
i never meant to stay
so long

a northern rain passed me by
I held out a burnt empty hand
a copper nail grin a long time comin'
I can't seem to understand
you say you've got a grey sky above a bloodshot town yeah
but you pity what you own i pity that hell
hold on
If you're the cinder
I am burning at the seams


It's a good day to die
or in the night
It's all you eye
without the hate

so keep your secrets
and your desert smile
my runaway horse head
all your eye
Track Name: Red
First to the floor
I'm a cancer
kill the conscience
it's a chore
dead speak like an echo
time to leave
what are you sorry for?

empty handed
hang my teeth from the porch
empty handed
hang my teeth from your door

Cursed to a cross
call on comfort
see no color
say no more

call me red
as a desert
save your smile
save it all

'cause I'm
empty handed
hang my teeth from the porch
empty handed
hang my teeth from your door
and don't you dare
make her stop.
Track Name: Sundance
Sun will rise
the sun will roam
you locked me up with a dull knife
I should've known
you can't miss what you don't own
It's a pity

don't you dare feel sorry for them
they don't want to be real

In every confrontation
I crave the taste...

sun will rise
the sun will roam
I locked you up with a sharp knife
quell the fever an' take me home
If I'm the marrow you're the bone

don't you dare feel sorry for them
they don't want to be real

In every confrontation I crave the taste a taste of...

quell the fever an' take me home
you want it all
I wanted more
give me a taste of your violence
Track Name: Grey Wolf Wild
I called to nothing
yeah what could I say?
just a waste of talent
pick it up and figure it out
did i hurt you?
I see you, Red
don't tell me who's callin' out
I started out that Saturday cursin' the sun
yeah I was lookin' for a reason or a meaning aloud
If I hurt you I'll see you in Rands
don't call it dead yet

'cause grey is no color
to wait patiently?
well I was second guessing
the fear the pulse froze throughout my hands

I called to nothing
yeah what could I say?
I don't need the challenge took so long to figure it out
when i cut you I took that debt
but who's countin'
there's no good in me
there's no need no motivation

I'll see you around
grey waits patiently
while I was second guessing
the fear the pulse froze throughout my hands
worth my time
wasn't worth my time
get along
now get it right
you're so catty
Track Name: Fox & Embers
the hunter
says he's got the luck comin' up
when he's back in town
he'll shoot 'em down
he'll carve 'em out
then you'll hang 'em up
like they never even made a sound

fox and embers

you'll get it two
yeah they'll hunt you
says he's got that cut comin' up
but I'm not around
where nothing's real
yeah no one's clean
the lights left on above
the speaking eyes call
not one the soul

fox and embers
Track Name: No Color
You can rely
but you can't recall the cycle

and finally
I found an ox to hunt you down

speak from your bones
and tell me of your calling
and what can't be shown
spare your eyes the comfort constant

like a hand in red
yeah they'll end you where you stand

you say it can't be real
we say we're not the weaker lion
who leads the chase on the wolves?
who sees no color?
we're waiting

all the eye will burn out bright
every chance you take is golden
all the eye will burn out bright
every truth you break is hollow
Track Name: Lock
Why won't you?
why can't they
replace the lamps now?
we need help
the eyes lie
no smoke rose
but I burn that house down
so stop
breathing deep
just run

It took twelve
to let go
I can't settle now
there's no fault
my skin crawled
to welcome
you back to your home town
these are more than lives on gray
Track Name: In Our Bones
All gold Is this a Father?
I put that smile to rest
all the while the bitter hands of your name It tore across my chest

the lone the debt the caller stone's
throw from sow to reap
who crossed the crooked hands?
and who stole that fire beneath my feet?

eyes on the wrong
eyes on the answer
but lies can't be bought
they're in our bones
and I've seen the way the sun turns to a rust
at the site of what we are lie through it all