Year One

by Give Up the Ghost

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Compiles American Nightmare (GIve Up the Ghost)'s self-titled and 'The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter' EPs, + bonus tracks.

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released February 17, 2004



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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Protest Song #00
You'll never see this face again,
I'm out sleeping with the stars in the shallow end
"Life" (love) is just a word I don't want to say
I don't care if tomorrow is a new day
I'll write this song again.
How about the one who thought life wasn't his friend?
Why would he want the words to be shared?
When no one listens and no one cares,
I'd skip this fucking song if you don't want to know what's fucking wrong Did you hear my acceptance speech? "I quit, I quit, I quit..."
You don't want to hear why I can't quite talk,
You don't want to hear what makes my heart stop.
You wrote my requiem with no words, no life...
...just desperation there's no truth like the lie I live.
I'm a sinking ship drowning by a burning bridge,
There's no cure for a "dreamer's disease"
I'm a boat of false hope lost at sea today, tonight, tomorrow.
I'm truly by myself.
You say those words but what do they mean?
Life is just a word that I won't say,
Life is just a word that I'll never know.
Life is just a game that I won't play,
Love is just a lie that I won't believe.
Track Name: Sore Throat Syndrome
When we were young,
We thought the days would get better.
Today I talked myself out of ending this.
I've been out chasing silhouettes,
Losing frozen smiles in the thawed regrets,
And all the way home I could see your breath though we looked dead
"I'm so far from here..." we laughed, "our time is running thin"
But I know how the end would end.
I never said I'd stay till the end.
Fuck you, fuck all of you.
You'll never know what I wanted to say,
Those words are as dead as the air I breath.
Life is just a big second guess,
A broken staircase of mistook steps...
You can trust me...'s not okay.
Track Name: Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
I just want the world to know you've got me at an all time low,
But I wrote the song that broke your fucking heart.
I'm caught up in "no sleep" and I nod my head with every tear,
But they're still drowning me, it's cold and I can barely see,
And 5 am is here again, so hang your head with me.
I was walking next to you in a Saturday night type light.
The faces blurred in with yours as I stumbled some words on life.
I was breathing thanks to you in a Saturday night type light,
And when the faceless kids danced towards faceless ends ...I quit life
"I can't believe that you're not dead",
Shrugged my shoulder, laughed inside, nodded my head.
And I don't remember anything but seven songs of chances gave,
That's all I know... anytime you want to go I'm ready to go.
Nothing shines on "feeling old",
On this kind night all I want is a reason to smile before I'm dead
... I'm dead, I live in denial.
... There's nothing left, you say there's hope but I don't care
Track Name: The Ice Age Is Coming
A cold world is one where you think hope's alive.
Where "friends" aren't really "friends,"
Where love can't survive.
A cold world is one where life takes your life.
Where day after day is fight after fight.
This world has made me cold,
But I know you've got to break your back to hold your ground,
And bones will heal so I'm standing strong.
It hurts, it breaks it kills, it takes...
We'll fight, we'll win, we won't give in.
Track Name: Please Die
I won't go because I've been there before,
And it took me twenty years to pick my face off the floor.
I'm not "sorry" if things aren't the same,
But sleepless nights are hardly worth the cheapness of your game.
And if you know what I mean then live for yourself,
Because life is too short to waste it on somebody else.
There was a time and I swear that I cared,
I got burned and now I walk with this fist in the air.
I don't care what they say,
They're not the ones who have to live with the pain.
Black heart breaking, broken bonds,
I should have known all along.
Don't talk to me, I am deaf as I am blind.
Thanks for making me cheap and thanks for wasting my time.
Track Name: The Day the Music Died
Never thought the world was gonna end,
Always knew I'd come across your face again.
Still healing broken hearts and holding broken bones,
Singing "taps" out of key and breaking quiet phones.
You don't know what you got until you're left all alone,
See the strain in my bloodshot eyes?
I'm a hollow box, empty as your lies,
And I know I can't live,
Because the price that I pay will be the love that I give.
Nothing hurts like the look in your eye,
Fuck the day that I thought love was more than a lie.
I only die every day.
Sit alone, count the "no's" of the yesterdays.
Those sure made me weak,
and when I'm dead and gone (shed a tear),
Bless my memory, I can't go on.
All I want in these dying days is a breath of fresh air and some sanity, But nothing's ever good enough so I'll take a sad song.
Sure enough the feeling I'm feeling is a feeling I've felt for too long.
The feeling I'm feeling is a feeling I've fought for too long...
Track Name: Farewell
Whatever this becomes, whatever words I say
We are the fortunate ones and when the days are done I won't forget.
All I see in you and me is a light , a light in the dark of humanity.
Timid steps come walk with me,
And with your useless words come talk to me.
There are broken hearts now on your stereo,
But the broken hearts are just too slow.
You'll cry, it doesn't change a thing,
Kill the lights and let the rain fall.
Recall the memories of yesterdays and better ways,
And know the innocence is gone, move on from this.
We'll never be the same, the saddest songs make sense to me.
So with your sunken eyes come look for me.
Two hour drives are two hours alone,
But two hour drives are better than home.
You'll die, it doesn't change a thing.
Faster words and faster kids,
Faster songs and faster ends to one thing that's stayed the same.
I've lived through days, I've lived through nights,
I've had my loves and had my fights.
You've got to know... you have my heart.
Track Name: There's a Black Hole in the Shadow of the Pru
Everyone I ever loved went down in history.
The blue eyes came, the brown eyes left... and the rest is misery.
Dreams are trash on the side of the road,
All starry eyed, tongue all tied,
There's something you should know.
I could have died with you,
And Boston is the reason I'm feeling so blue.
Damn you city lights and colder nights, I'm innocent (minus the fights) Praying out loud for a winter of quiet, Friday nights are killing me.
I fall asleep pen in hand.
There's something you should know.
I could have died with you,
And Boston is the reason I'm feeling so blue.
Cities aren't a way to cure a disease,
And I don't even know why you listen to me.
A razor wristed kid looking forward to ends,
If love was a bridge you'd be the one in the fens.
"All the kids are fucking dead,"
I write with love and a gun to my head.
These days aren't gonna last too long, I know, I know, I know...
I'm drawing words from a tired heart,
I'm drawing blood from a tired heart
Track Name: I've Shared Your Lips So Now They Sicken Me
A great word for a great world,
Like each clue just not getting through.
I spoke to you in yawns with sweaty palms,
With kids swearing forever and then they're gone.
Nobody's got style like us and we could be friends like before.
I was crazy before I met her... before I went lazy,
Fuck these memories...
Track Name: Hearts
Dear eastern prom, I know it's wrong,
But it's suicide eyes that wrote this song.
For all I'm worth, writers block is a bitch,
Words falling like bricks for a New England wish.
I was an easy fuck in the town of "naive-ity",
All I wanted was a shot in the dark.
But like a knife through the heart, I choke on spit covered words.
Oh my god it's happening again, what's wrong with me?
Screaming gets you nothing.
One more night in this town and I swear that I'm dead.
I drew a heart around the name of your city.