You Make Us Sick

by Outbreak

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released July 24, 2004


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Infected
I believed every word and you were someone I respected
But this place is a disease and everyone's infected
(You're all the same)
It's a sick place, and you're all the fucking same
Scumbag motherfuckers playin' the same old game
I'll never be a part of it, 'cause it was never meant
And i'll never understand, 'cause it'll never make sense
Track Name: You're a Waste
You're a waste and everything you do
Proves you've got no clue
And it's nothing new
But I fucking hate you
You're a waste and you'll never see
That you won't get the best of me
So just leave me be
'Cause I'm breaking free
You're a waste and I should have seen the sign
Before i wasted time
Wanna fuck me over? Get in line
Fuck it, I'll be fine, you're a waste
Track Name: Spit in Your Face
You do it to yourself, and you're the one to blame
So go on ahead with your slutty game
Beg for attention but I'm not buying
All I can do is laugh when I see you crying
And when you've hit the bottom and need some help up,
I won't give a fuck, you'll be shit out of luck
'Cause the world is overcrowded with heartless fucks
There's no one to trust and everyone sucks
I'll spit in your face and call it a day
I feel so much better without you in my way
Track Name: No One Cares
It's time to wake up, and get it through your head
Your games are coming to a fucking end
You think you're something other than a fake
But watching you pose is more than I can take
You'll die a nobody, and that's fine with me
'Cause you'll never understand or ever see
That you're a fucking lowlife, and you're going nowhere
No one likes you and no one cares
Fuck, fuck, fuck you
No one likes you, no one cares
Track Name: MP
Hey stuck up prick, yeah that's you
This one's about how much I hate you
Whine and complain is all you've done today
An ignorant motherfucker with nothing good to say
The world will be a better place
When someone knocks you in your fucking face
Do me a favor, fucking die
So I don't have to listen to you bitch and cry
Track Name: Pushed Aside
Apologies are worthless and I've heard it all before
The same old story it's such a bore
You won't get the best of me anymore
I remembered every word and every dirty look
And I'll never forget the cheap shots you took
Walked on me, pushed me aside
Covered it up with a bunch of lies
It's hard to cope but i'll be okay
Who wants to be miserable anyway?
Fuck all of you, you were never there
When I needed your help you didn't care
You didn't fucking care
Track Name: You Make Us Sick
Dealing with you is more than i can take
'Cause you're just another fucking fake
Overtime you'll fade out
And everyone will know what you're about
You've been on my back all fucking day
Before I explode get the fuck away
'Cause I can't take anymore
And I've told you times before
That I've got some news for you, you fucking dick
Fuck you, you make us sick
Track Name: Braindead
A braindead fuck whose life i'll never get
You think you know it all but you don't know shit
Believe a word you say? i'd rather fucking die
I'll slit my throat before i live a lie
Braindead, braindead, braindead
Braindead, braindead, braindead
A braindead fuck whose life i'll never get
You think you know it all but you don't know shit
Braindead scum

You're not special, you're fucking scum
You know nothing, you're too fucking numb
You're scum
Track Name: Sick and Tired
Another day, nothing new
Another day i fucking blew
Everything's wrong, but i'll fake a smile
I'll say it's fine, but i'm in denial
I need a change, i need it fast
'Cause if things don't change then i won't last
Sick and tired and time is wasting
Another pointless day i'm facing
It's a fucked up world and people are all the same
They don't care and they'll never change
I've had enough, i gotta get away
I need a fucking change today
Another day, nothing new
Another day i fucking blew
Track Name: Don't Need You
I don't give a fuck if i'm accepted or not
And all your followers should be shot
Nothing matters to you but fitting in
Thinking for yourself's a battle you'll never win
You've got nothing to say but your mouth's still moving
You've got no point to be fucking proving
It's all a lie and we can see right through
And when the trend fades, so will you
No fucking heart and you have no pride
You can't fool me 'cause you're hollow inside
Follow the path of all your friends
To blind to see it's just a dead end
No matter what's done you'll never see
That fuckheads like you aren't better than me
Because being another clone is your idea of fun
And if it was up to me, you'd all be hung
Point your finger and fucking laugh
When the joke's on you, you piece of trash
Keep talking shit, no one's listening
Your pedestal's crashing, your ego's burning
Track Name: Out(break)tro
Think you've been around, that's far from true
Look back at last year, where the fuck were you?
You didn't care and you didn't believe
Pretending to be a part of everything that we bleed
Not standing for it anymore, we're taking it back
It's time to make it ours, get it back on track
We're calling you out (you know who you are)
You've taken this shit to fucking far
Track Name: I Blame You
T's by your side, it won't go away
It's there to haunt you night and day
Took a wrong turn and now you're fucked
Gonna lose your mind, gonna self-destruct
You want to go back, but there's no way
Your head's in your hands, and it's there to stay
Your vision is faded, you can't fucking see
'Cause that thing called regret won't leave you be
It'll break you down, it'll tear you apart
Is this nightmare over, or did it just start?
It doesn't matter what you do
Second chances aren't given to you
Track Name: Useless
Rumors, gossip, the same old shit
If I hear anymore i'm going to be sick
Everyone's problems, are your pleasure
Talking down on others makes your lives better
You're useless
Blah blah blah, here we go again
I'll never see the day when this bullshit finally ends
You're the one who keeps the rumor mill alive
And i'm burning it down, I hope that you're inside
You're useless
Track Name: No Second Chances
Thee same old shit on a different day
Wishing you'd just go away
Another wasted night, I've got you to blame
I think, i think i'm going insane
You're still talking, what the fuck for?
Will someone kill me, I can't take anymore
I already know that life isn't fair
But leave me alone, 'cause i don't fucking care
Track Name: Dead to Me
In my eyes you're already dead
You don't exist, you're out of my head
People like you will never understand
'Cause you and shit-talking walk hand in hand
But words mean nothing when you can't back them up
And you're not worth my time, so get get fucked
I'll rise above everyone of you
And be the first to say fuck you